We are inviting ‘founding members’ to help us launch in summer 2020, initially with me working one to one and in small groups.

Some of us will know we want to find more purpose and meaning but don’t really know where and how the old journey ends and the new one begins.

The whole idea simply to help you overcome barriers, make decisions and take small manageable realistic steps while following your heart

This will help you get just enough forward motion to offer a glimpse of the possible so that when things emerge that were not previously in view the belief in the journey grows which helps you see your changing world with new eyes. 

This is what we’ll be working on:

What’s in here ? What’s out there ?

This will be a simple and enjoyable process which helps you overcome initial barriers to getting started and helps you commit and give yourself permission to actually getting started



We need a way to overcome:

  • Initial resistance
  • Idea overload
  • Smart and wise use of time, money and energy
  • Be in complete alignment with our heart and mind
  • Fill us with confidence, courage and renewed determination to see things through
  • All our inner stakeholders are comfortable with the risks
  • Must be fun and support wellbeing not overload with stress
  • Move your dream project forward
  • To start with seem almost impossible and doable at the same time

If you think your ship has sailed, you’ve left it too late, you’re not confident enough, too fearful to be more of you and do the things you could do – we say think again – you’re amongst friends. Whatever our intentions, we each take our next step from where we are in this moment.

We’ll be working with people who know deep down they are here to do more with their lives but feel trapped by circumstance. We’re looking for our first small group of amazing people to take part in our online workshops. In return for a ‘pay what you like’ enrollment fee, we’re looking for feedback to help refine, improve and enhance our first workshop.