Helping your find your life purpose

Hi I’m Glen.

I live in Brighton with my growing family includes teenagers, cats and dogs, flowers, plants and lovely Vespas.

At home and at work I love putting lots of seemingly intangible things (qualities) together and making a bridge (framework) towards where ever people want to get to. These are things like like-minded people, ideas for change, willingness to let go, passion, kindness, love, creative thinking, conviction, a desire for change.

This has been at the heart of everything I’ve done for nearly 30 years working in the caring and helping professions in the psychology and mental health field. I’ve worked on everything from supporting war refugees in South London to helping homeless teenagers find safe accommodation to leading on large scale mental health care transformation for large city populations.

I’m generally an optimist and believe if things are set up properly with a bit of love and a workable plan based on human-heart-centeredness we can do far more than we ever thought possible. This has been true over and over again in my life since I left my last permanent job in 2003. Since then I’ve been blessed the opportunity to work with all kinds of brilliant caring creative people helping them get projects and new ventures off the ground an into the world. This includes entrepreneurs, community leaders, charity CEOs, therapists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, senior healthcare leaders.