New Start?

Second Journey School will teach you step by step how to make a contribution to the world that only you can make. We show you how to find your true purpose & bring life-changing projects into the world.

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“…We are meant to become more eccentric, more peculiar, more odd. We are not meant just to fit in. We are here to be different.
We are here to be the individual.”

James Hollis – Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life

Where do we go from here?

"Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans."

John Lennon
  • Reached a point where what you’ve been doing is no longer working for you?
  • Perhaps you know you want to find more purpose and meaning but don’t really know where and how the old journey ends and the new one begins?
  • Arrived in your mid-life trapped in a soul-destroying job?
  • Looking to semi-retirement to start a new heart-based venture to support you into later years?
  • Recovering from burnout and regrouping ready for a new chapter?

Perhaps you thought by the time you reached a certain age you’d have things mostly figured out and you’d have ‘arrived’ doing more or less what you were meant to be doing. You imagined by now those dreams would have either come true by now or long forgotten. But for some of us those ideas keep coming, the need to create and get your best stuff out there never goes away.

We still want to get more of ourselves out there. We still want to make an impact and leave our mark on the world in our own way. If only we had the time, the money, the confidence it could be different. Yet something keeps telling us something more is possible. Our true purpose has always been with locked inside.

If you’re going through any kind of mid-life inner turbulence while ‘out there’ seems to be raging ever more chaotic and unpredictable it’s possible to feel a bit nervy ! But we have choices.

  • We can regroup, gather ourselves and create something new.
  • Or
  • We can take our chance staying with the current trajectory.

Not easy choices and neither predictable or safe…

But what if we started the journey ?

What if we did the work, learned new skills, discovered our true purpose, figured out some steps forward and found the courage to navigate through the precarious looking landscape that comes with following our hearts ?

From Conventional Wisdom to Fearless Wisdom

Second Journey School provides support, training and community for anyone who naturally pushes against conventional wisdom but still has to overcome the fears of doing your own thing, not playing safe or small.  

Call it unfinished business, your life’s work, your calling or just a way to feel more alive – this place needs more purpose and more dreams to become reality.

Our mission is to help people called to make a difference in the world in their own unique ways, and transform their own lives in the process. The approach help people access their inner wisdom to discover their purpose, gain skills to conquer fears and doubts with the practical challenges of making things happen with creative journey making and project road-mapping.

Hi, I’m Glen.

The founder of Second Journey School.

I’m inspired by the idea that anything is possible when we tap into the courage, wisdom, creativity and connection within us and between us. This has been at the heart of everything I’ve done for nearly 30 years in the caring and helping professions working to improve mental health and well-being.